First Responders Update

By Kelly Gordon -
President, First Responders

It’s that time of year where we are surrounded by friends and family. Parties and social gatherings with alcohol are more prevalent in December and January, which means WE are busier, too.

I’ve reminded everyone about the yellow medical cards for many years now. I am cautiously optimistic the entire community is on board with them and making sure they’re accessible when we show up at your home. Herein lies the problem; you’re not always home.

We’ve been to several calls lately where someone is at a party or the Club and doesn’t have any information with them. Please update your yellow cards and make several copies to keep in various places. You can carry a copy in your purse, golf cart, the glove box in your car, and your wallet. I have a picture of mine on my phone. Be prepared. Accidents happen anywhere and when you least expect it.

I get calls frequently about Chatham Emergency Services billing. As much as I’d like to help with this, I must stay in my lane. If you receive a bill from Chatham Emergency Services and you have questions, please call them (912-354-1011). They can assist you.

Additionally, if you have a question about the KnoxBox, please reach out to Chatham Emergency Services. I often get calls about smoke alarms chirping. Although I am a volunteer firefighter as well, this isn’t something I handle. You always can call Chatham Emergency Services, and they can send a firefighter over to help you.

I wish you all happy holidays and a wonderful and healthy 2020. Please be safe over these chaotic and busy weeks before and after the New Year. Slow down. Stop at stop signs. Allow only licensed drivers in your family to operate your golf cart. Don’t put your children in harm’s way by having them in your lap or unrestrained in the golf cart, and practice due regard when driving and when you see a pedestrian or a biker.

Life can be taken away in one fell swoop. Let’s go into 2020 taking better care of each other. Isn’t that the legacy we want to leave behind? Thank you for everything you do to support our organization. We are humbled to be able to serve this community, and we are grateful for the countless contributions/donations we’ve received in 2019. We couldn’t do it without your support!


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