Security Update 

By Tim Cook - 
Security Director

I was denied access. That is what a few vendors, food delivery drivers, and possibly even guests may tell you when they don’t make it to your home. The fact, however, is that we more than likely didn’t deny them access, but their access was delayed, and they were requested to get in touch with their sponsoring resident to preauthorize their entry.

To avoid this issue, please preauthorize anyone you expect to enter through our gates for you or your home. The preferred method is online via, ABDi’s GateAccess app, or our new Landings Association app. We no longer will provide courtesy calls for residents who forget to preauthorize their expected arrival when more than two cars are waiting to be processed.

Instead, we will ask the person seeking access to contact their sponsoring resident and ask them to pull around the gate and wait for the authorization. It has been our experience that most vendors simply will leave and say we denied them access. We apologize for this inconvenience, but lines backing up at our entrances, specifically the North Gate, are causing safety concerns. Also, it’s not fair to the others waiting in line, who have been preauthorized. We are working on an addition to our existing phone app, which will further assist in our expediting the entry of vendors. It will be paramount for residents to preauthorize their vendors and delivery companies.

 Speaking of vendors, I have noticed several residents have vendors such as Uber Eats, Door Dash, Uber, Lyft, etc. on their permanent lists. This is highly discouraged for many reasons. As a reminder, you are ultimately responsible for your guests and vendors accessing our community. A delivery driver for such a company recently took the liberty of using our Dog Park. We are in the process of working with the company to deny this driver from making future deliveries in our community.

On another safety note, you may see a new mobile radar trailer at various locations within the community. The new radar sign has been upgraded to include a camera, which assists our effort in mitigating speeding. The system is cloud-based and has the ability to send auto-generated emails for vehicles exceeding the posted speed limits. If you receive one of these reminders, please slow down and remain in compliance with our speed limit. Most of the streets have 30 MPH speed limits, unless otherwise posted. Your mindfulness, positive engagement, and responsible safe driving in our community are deeply appreciated. If you want to check out the new system, below are some videos for the Guardian Pro System from TrafficLogix.

    Stay safe, and stay well.

























































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