On the Security Scene

Courtesy of Landings Security

Wildlife, Alligator 

On March 30, Landings Security responded to an alligator behind a residence on Sanderling Court. The resident believes that someone has been feeding the alligator because as soon as it saw the resident, it immediately swam towards him. Information was submitted to Public Works, and a trapper was contacted. 


Gas Leak 

On April 4, Landings Security responded to a report of a natural gas leak on Seawatch Drive. The resident and caregiver evacuated the residence. The odor of natural gas appeared to be detected, and Chatham Emergency Services (CES) was notified and responded. No major gas leak was discovered, but CES did turn off the gas to the residence.

Warnings and Citations 

  • Warnings and fines were issued to vendors for not displaying logos on RFID-equipped vehicles and/or for not using safety cones. 
  • A warning was issued to a resident for driving a golf cart in a no cart zone. 
  • A citation was issued to a resident for a dog at large. 
  • A warning was issued to a resident for having a covered vehicle in their driveway. 
  • Warnings were issued to residents for overnight parking of a vehicle on the street. 
  • A citation was issued to a resident for yard debris. 

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