On the Security Scene

Courtesy of Landings Security

Property Damage

Video footage captured a golf cart tailgating another vehicle attempting to enter the Deer Creek Village entrance and striking the gate. The resident was contacted and cited for operating a golf cart in a cart-free zone. The gate arm was reattached and appeared to be fully operational.

Property Damage and Unlicensed Driver

Landings Security was contacted regarding a golf cart doing “donuts” on a local vendor’s property. The owner of the golf cart was contacted and confirmed his son was improperly operating the golf cart with a learner’s permit during the time of the incident. A fine was issued for not having a 21-year-old licensed driver with him while operating the golf cart in accordance with State law and The Landings’ Rules and Regulations. The resident contacted the vendor directly regarding the reported property damage.

Single Motor Vehicle Crash and Call for Assistance

A resident’s vehicle collided with a curb, which caused two flat tires. AAA was contacted and responded. Prior to AAA’s arrival, TLA Security responded and provided transportation for the driver to their residence.

Lost/Found Dog

A resident reported finding a white dog, resembling the Husky breed, roaming at large. TLA Security responded and was able to read the animal’s microchip. However, the owner had neglected to properly register the chip. The resident kept the dog and was able to identify and reunite the dog and its human caregiver (owner).

Warnings and Citations Issued

  • Two warnings were issued to residents for early placement of bulk trash curbside.
  • A warning was issued to a vendor for failure to have logos on a truck equipped with an RFID.
  • Three warnings were issued to vendors for not using safety cones.
  • Two warnings were issued to vendors for parking against the flow of traffic.
  • A vendor was issued a fine for working after 5 p.m. on Saturday.
  • A warning was issued to a resident for parking in a marked no-parking area on Lake Street.


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