On the Security Scene

Courtesy of Landings Security

Road Rage/Careless Driving  

Recently, Landings Security received a few reports, and in one case video evidence, of road rage and careless driving. TLA Officers are limited in our authority and actions related to third-party accounts of incidents, including those accompanied by video images. We will, however, attempt to confirm the vehicle’s owner and driver, make them aware of the complaint, and document our findings. In situations where a habitual owner/driver is involved, the complaint is turned over to Chatham County Police Department (CCPD).



On August 4, Security responded to a reported theft. A box located in the resident’s garage containing figurines was reported as stolen. The rear, pedestrian door leading into the garage was found open, and no signs of forced entry were observed. The resident chose not to notify CCPD.

Near Miss

On August 4, Security was advised of a near miss by a cyclist. No contact was made between the vehicle and the cyclist, and no injuries or property damage occurred. Drivers are reminded to know the law when encountering cyclists. Cyclists also are required to follow specific State Statutes. Video evidence from drivers and cyclists can be turned over to local law enforcement for enforcement purposes.

On August 3, Security responded to Landings Way South regarding a golf cart operating on the street with its lights off and driving on the wrong side of the road. The witness believed the golf cart was being driven and occupied by five teenage boys. Despite thorough patrols of the area, the golf cart was not located, and no other reports were received.

Suspicious Incident

On August 6, Security responded to a suspicious incident report. It appeared that a sports flag attached to a tree had been removed twice in recent weeks. There appeared to be no damage to the flag or pole. No witnesses or suspects were located.

Lost Dog

On August 9, Security Officers responded to a lost/found dog. Officers identified the dog through its microchip, and the owner was alerted by the service provider. The dog and owner were reunited, and the owner was reminded about the Chatham County ordinance pertaining to dogs at large (roaming at will).

Suspicious Vehicle

Security responded to a suspicious vehicle parked in a resident’s driveway. Prior to Security’s arrival, the older, black, Suburban departed. A license plate number or other distinguishing characteristics of the vehicle or driver were not obtained. No other similar incidents involving an older model, dark-colored Suburban were reported.

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