Security Update 

By Tim Cook - 
Security Director

During the regularly scheduled Board Meeting in April, I was pleased to share with our Board Directors and the community we did not have any crimes reported in March 2022. Unfortunately, we did not fare quite as well in April. Please see the Crime Statistics chart below.

Hopefully, we can have more months similar to March, but we need your help. If you see something, say something, and please secure your valuables and lock your vehicle’s and home’s doors! I also am a huge fan of alarm systems. If your home or vehicle is not equipped with an alarm, please consider installing one. If you have one, use it, and ensure our emergency telephone number (912-598-2571) is listed with your monitoring company. Although The Landings Association does not recommend or endorse any companies, you can ask your friends and relatives for an alarm installation or monitoring company recommedations.

On a somber note, a Texas man was arrested after a passenger fell off a golf cart and died on April 26. Local Law Enforcement Officers responded just after 11 p.m., and their preliminary investigation revealed three people were traveling back to a residence within the community. The golf cart went over a raised utility hole cover, causing the victim, who was standing in the rear of the golf cart, to fall off and hit the road. The passenger, 34, was transported to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Investigators arrested the driver of the golf cart on DUI manslaughter charges. As this is an ongoing criminal case, there is no further information at this time.

Another interesting story that hit the headlines was that of a Florida man who shot a man in the ankle and beat him with a golf club for walking a dog on the golf course. He clearly did not read my article on civility.

Although this occurred in Florida and we have not seen this level of aggression in our community, we recently cited and fined a couple of residents and a frequent visitor for Abusive Conduct. In accordance with our Covenants, Section C.5:

The General Manager is responsible for the performance and conduct of Association employees. In order to promote harmony in the workplace and protect employees and volunteers, abusive conduct toward an Association employee, committee member, or other volunteer in the conduct of Association business is prohibited. Abusive Conduct may be defined as, but not limited to, abusive language, insults, threats, unwanted advances (physical or otherwise), or assault or battery. Any complaints about an Association employee shall be made to the General Manager.

Switching gears a bit, I have been asked to remind drivers they need to pull over if one of our patrol vehicles or First Responder vehicles is behind you and has their emergency lights on. The lights are typically white or green and flashing. Of course, always yield to police, fire, or ambulance vehicles responding to an emergency. Failure to yield to any of these vehicles during an emergency is a fineable offense. No one wants to experience a delayed emergency response due to drivers not yielding.


































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