Security Update 

By Tim Cook - 
Security Director

The safety sashes (shown at right) were so well received that they are now offered for sale at Landings Harbor Marina. As the old saying goes, “safety first,” so stop by and get yours today!

Thank you to the Public Works crews, Chatham County Police Department, Security patrol officers, our paving contractor, and drivers in the community for their patience and assistance with ensuring all of the paving projects underway remain accident-free.

As mentioned in the Security Update published in the April Journal, if a guest or vendor is not correctly preauthorized, staff will ask them to contact the sponsoring resident. Once the preauthorization is completed, they will need to re-enter the guest lane line.

As we head into the summer months, please be mindful of more people using our roads and community paths. Slow down, be courteous, comply with speed limits, traffic rules and laws, and use caution. Unless otherwise posted, the speed limit within the community on our streets is 30 MPH. I have written several articles about pedestrian traffic, and the PEDS website ( covers more than I include in my updates. If you think you know all you need to know about walking on a street or driving among pedestrians, you might be surprised to learn you may have forgotten a thing or two. As a reminder, Georgia has updated laws regarding sharing the road with cyclists.

Another issue that usually increases during the summer months is victim-assisted crimes. Please ensure your valuables are secured and you are locking your homes and vehicles. Please do not leave firearms in your cars, and ensure they are adequately stored and secured in your home. This summer, I want to achieve a goal of zero firearms stolen from vehicles, especially unlocked cars. We have only had a few in the last two years, and the guns were stolen from unlocked vehicles. Simply stated, one is too many. Thank you to all responsible gun owners who ensure their firearms are safely and properly secured. Additionally, thank you to the many residents who secure their valuables and lock their vehicles and homes. We cannot do it alone;  we rely on your help.

With appreciation,

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