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2021 Road Repair and Replacement Project

Bennett Paving completed milling and paving the southbound lane of Landings Way South from Huntingwood Retreat to just past the Palmetto Club entrance this week.  The contractor is scheduled to begin milling the northbound lane of this section of roadway on Tuesday, June 1.  Bennett Paving will clean the area on June 2 and pave on June 3.  Communications have been sent via e-bulletin and residents have been tubed underneath their mailboxes. 













2021 Community Path Project

Absolute Concrete completed the conversion of path (from asphalt to concrete) on 475 LF of path from Half Penny Circle to #6 Terrapin Point this week.  Absolute is working on the conversion of path on Cricket Court and will move to the remaining section of path along Tidewater Way thereafter.

2021 Storm Drain Project

Southeast Pipe completed lining the storm drainpipe on the center island at Landings Way North and

Romerly Road this week which concluded the scope of this year’s capital storm drain project.

Landings Harbor Picnic Grounds

Last week, in-house staff was notified that the outlets at the Landings Harbor Picnic Grounds were inoperable.  In-house staff worked to troubleshoot the electrical issues and determined that an electrician was needed to repair the outlets.  Staff contacted A&V Electric, one of our electrical service providers, who was on site Wednesday. All repairs should be completed by Friday.

Dog Park Maintenance

This week, in-house staff worked on maintenance items in and around the Dog Park which included disinfecting all trash cans, the replacement of an electrical outlet, the repair of latches, the replacement of an old gate and repainting the gates. Staff is currently working with Infinity, our IT service provider, to restore the WiFi at the park. 

McWhorter Community Path Bridge Maintenance

On Thursday, facilities staff worked to repair loose boards located on the McWhorter Community Path Bridge. Staff inspects all TLA-owned bridges within the community on a monthly basis and completes any and all necessary repairs required after inspection.

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