Pollinator Plant Sale Underway!

Courtesy of Skidaway Audubon
Create a space for nature with Skidaway Audubon’s online native plant sale, now underway at skidawayaudubon.org. All 3,000 specially-selected plants are bloomers that attract pollinators, including butterflies, hummingbirds, bees, and other insects critical to the survival of most flowering trees, plants, and food crops. There are 25 varieties available, sold in one-gallon containers for just $8 plus tax. All are perennials. The pollinator plant sale is part of Audubon’s new Nature Notices project. The goal of the Nature Notices initiative is to encourage island residents to “nature-scape” their properties by eliminating some grassed areas and replacing them with native shrubs, understory trees, and pollinator plants, making yards more nature-friendly, and helping to stem the loss of critically important pollinators and their habitat. The plant sale is by pre-order and pre-pay only.  Orders must be placed by April 10. The online order form includes a color photo of each kind of plant, a brief description of when it blooms, and whether it prefers sun or shade. Pick up will be April 17 at the Skidaway Island United Methodist Church. Nature-scaping with native plants benefits both the homeowner and the environment, as properly landscaped yards can increase home values, decrease water bills, reduce the use of chemical pesticides, and discourage deer. Deer normally do not bother native plants, but they may investigate anything new, so gardeners may want to take initial protective measures. Many homeowners already have nature-scaped their lawns, recognizing the many benefits, and the need to protect the island’s unique ecology. Start your nature-scaping project today by placing your pollinator plant order now at skidawayaudubon.org.

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