Marinas Update

By Larry Sincoskie -
Marinas Director
        The Marinas no longer have waiting lists for dry storage at Landings Harbor and wet slips at Delegal Creek Marina. If you would like to secure a boat slip, contact the Marinas Offices to allow for planning. Availability is not expected to last long! The wait list for a wet slip at Landings Harbor is still active. New merchandise from Altered Latitudes is available at the Harbor Store. The Sun Protection Factor (SPF) shirts feature local fish and coordinates of Landings Harbor. Three new styles of hats now are available for purchase. The new branded hats feature a leather patch with the Landings Schooner, and there are additional hats sporting the Nautical Flag patches spelling out LHM or DCM. Sheepshead fish are in season and are a fun catch. If you dare to take a shot at catching one of these prized sheepshead fish, try using the frozen squid or shrimp sold at the Harbor store. It is also believed that scraping barnacles off old pilings also will attract the sheepshead to your area. Redfish also are common in the Savannah coastal waters right now, and we have seen residents come back with fish as large as 35 lbs. Delegal Creek Marina continues to see transient guests stopping in to use the Marina’s great amenities. Kayak rentals are available for half and full days. With ice, drinks, and a few snacks from Delegal’s shop, you are set for a fun day on the water! Alpha Construction continues work on the seawall repair near the end of the fishing pier near the opening of the Harbor. A section of the seawall had completely separated from an adjoining piece. Colder weather is upon us, and with that comes freeze warnings. Please help assist the Marinas’ team and leave faucets dripping if signage is posted. Additionally, this is a great time to clean and maintain your boats. Call or email us (598-1901 or if you would like to schedule time to work on your boat on the wash racks. If you would like assistance, boat rinse and wash services are available through Landings Harbor. The Marinas team continues to make the Harbor a safe place for all who visit. Please be sure to bring your facemasks if planning to stop in at the shop for a treat or gather at the Harbor. If you would like to request curbside pickup for any items from Landings Harbor or Delegal Creek, someone will be happy to bring your goods out to the parking lot. Stay tuned for more information. We look forward to seeing you at the Marinas!

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