Andrea Felkins Bio Correction

During the editing process, some wording was accidentally deleted from TLA Board Candidate Andrea Felkins’ Community Contributions section. We apologize for the mistake. That section should read as follows:

Community Contributions

I have been active here at The Landings, involved with NN activities and publicity for several house tours. I co-chaired the Community Cookie Swap after Hurricane Matthew. I was on the Marketing committee for TLC and have worked the Flea Market cashier lines. (I lost some momentum when I lived in Baltimore for 15 months caring for my new grandchild with health issues.) I have supported short-term requests from Landlovers, Green Thumb, the Society of Seniors Invitational and more. Back in PA, I did church newsletters, neighborhood directories, and I was webmaster and tournament chair for our club’s Women’s golf association. 

I decided to run because I believe I can make a responsive and productive contribution to TLA. Thank you for your consideration. 

Meanwhile, voters should be receiving their voting packets shortly, if you have not already. As always, a ballot is included, as well as an online voting option. Please review the materials and cast your vote, to help elect three of your neighbors to The Landings Association’s Board of Directors.

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