Marinas Update

By Larry Sincoskie -
Marinas Director
  The upgraded version of the BoatCloud (Stack Tracker 4.0) application rolled out recently and has been very useful to the Marinas’ dry storage operations. Some limitations were put into place to help reservation requests become more accessible to all who use the system. Remember to contact the Harbor Store (598-1901) if you are unable to secure a reservation. We have been working in boaters between the scheduled launches when there are no available movement times left during the weekends. Anticipate a 10-to-15 minute wait for your boat to be launched or placed on a wash rack without a scheduled reservation. Extended summer hours continue at least until Labor Day for the dry storage operations at Landings Harbor. Having these extended hours have allowed us  to provide much-needed dock space for boaters returning to the Harbor after hours. The demand for launch activity through September will dictate whether extended hours will continue until Daylight Saving Time ends in October. Please observe and follow the protocol regarding face coverings when entering the store at either Marinas location. Remember, we offer curbside pickup if you do not have a mask available and need supplies from the store. The Harbor Store has received a new selection of Panama Jack sun hats for men and women. Stop in and check out the latest items added to help keep you looking your best and keep your boat in tip-top shape. Local and federal permits have been received, and the dredging contractor is planning to start mobilizing during September. The Marina will send out an update regarding the exact start date as soon as possible and keep everyone informed of the dredge operating hours. We had several wet slip openings at Delegal Creek Marina as of September 1. Staff continue to fill openings as some non-residents are departing before the end of their anticipated departure date. Occupancy levels are expected to remain at or near 100% during the transition from non-residents to residents only boaters. Half-day and full-day kayak rentals are available from Delegal Creek Marina seven days per week. Bring sunscreen and a cold drink to take along. We will provide life jackets and paddles. Our store always is stocked with cold refreshments, snacks, and plenty of ice to keep you cool all day. Stay tuned for more information. We look forward to seeing you at the Marinas!

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