General Manager's Update

By Shari Haldeman -
General Manager/COO
Dear Landings Association Members, Shortly, you will receive your Annual Dues voting packet. As property owners, each of us has many choices that do not exist in other HOAs, including the right to vote on the amount of the Annual Dues. We strongly urge you to please do the following:
  • Read the packet. Become informed if you haven’t had a chance.
  • Vote. Voting means your voice has been heard.
  • Vote early. Make sure your ballot is received in this period of uncertain postal delivery. Consider using the online option.
I fully respect and appreciate that diversity of opinion exists on the substance and amount of the proposal. That is generally healthy and speaks to differences in expectations and desires among our property owners that your Board and Staff diligently work to balance. The entire Budget and the annual Audited Financial Report are posted on the website every year. That hasn’t changed and won’t. It always is available for review and inspection by every owner. The recent Reserve Study is also available online for owner review. The proposal for the next three years is as follows: A total of $8.8 million will go into Reserves from the Annual Dues. A detailed breakdown of all assets is available for your review in the Reserve Study. Please remember the “Association” is all of us, the property owners. We elect our neighbors to serve as the Board of Directors, who work tirelessly to do what’s best for the entire community, many times having to make difficult decisions they know won’t make everyone satisfied. Supporting the Board are committees of your neighbors who volunteer their time and expertise to make our community as great as it is. Sometimes our harshest critics, we greatly value their feedback as crucial to continuous improvement. More than 100 residents serve on such committees as Security, Public Works, Finance, Insurance, Architectural Review, Marinas, and Communications to provide guidance and recommendations to the Board and Staff. Working to implement the recommendations of the committees and the decisions of the Board are 78 dedicated employees. I am proud of these team members who dedicate themselves to making sure our community is secure, well maintained, and fiscally responsible. Please keep the above in mind when you receive your Annual Dues voting packet.

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