On the Security Scene

Courtesy of Landings Security


On Tuesday, July 21, Security, Chatham Emergency Services (CES), and Chatham County Police Department (CCPD) responded to Landings Way North at Mercer Road for a single-vehicle accident. Upon arrival, officers observed a vehicle which appeared to have been traveling on Landings Way South when it left the road and struck a tree in a resident’s yard. Both the vehicle and the tree sustained damages. The driver, a Landings resident, was not injured. A Blood Alcohol Test was administered, and as a result, the driver was detained by CCPD. The vehicle was removed from the scene by a tow truck.

Vehicle Incidents

Security and CCPD responded to Westcross Road at Long Island Road for a vehicle accident between a resident and a FedEx driver on Saturday, July 18. The FedEx driver believed that he was rear-ended by the resident; however, the resident had a dashboard camera which showed that the FedEx driver actually backed into him. CCPD issued a warning citation to the FedEx driver. The resident’s vehicle sustained minor damages, and no injuries were reported.

On Thursday, July 16, Security responded to the area of Landings Way South and Westcross Road for a report of a vehicle incident. Upon arrival, the resident informed Security that a tree branch had fallen on his vehicle, which caused minor damages. The resident was concerned that the tree was rotted and requested that someone inspect it to avoid similar incidents in the future. There were no injuries reported. The information was passed on to Public Works for the tree to be inspected.  

Golf Cart Incidents

Security and CCPD responded to Priest Landing Drive near Marsh Tower Lane on Friday, July 17, for a report of a golf cart accident. Upon arrival, Security found a golf cart which had run off the cart path and flipped over into the lagoon. Contact was made with all the occupants who denied medical attention and stated they did not have any injuries. The driver, who was unlicensed, stated that she attempted to transition from the street to the cart path when she struck part of the curb. Her friends then began yelling at her and she panicked, which caused the cart to go over the bank. All parties were released to the driver’s father. CCPD did not issue any citations; however, Security issued a citation for unlicensed operation of a golf cart.

On Tuesday, July 21, a resident reported that he had been operating his golf cart at a high rate of speed and missed the bridge, which resulted in him driving the cart into the lagoon. No injuries were reported.

Gas Leak

Security and CES responded to a residence on Laurel Hill Lane for a report of a gas leak on Tuesday, July 21. The homeowner advised Security that his landscaper had hit the gas line causing a leak. Atlanta Gas responded to the scene to repair the gas line.

Suspicious Incident

On Saturday, July 18, Security responded to a residence on Camberwell Place for a report of a suspicious incident. The resident witnessed a juvenile throwing a squid on their driveway. When the resident went outside, the juvenile attempted to hide and then ran from the scene. Security patrolled the area with negative results.

Disturbing the Peace

Security responded to the area of Delegal Road on Thursday, July 16, for multiple reports of someone shooting fireworks. Security patrolled the area with negative results, and no further complaints were received after the initial calls.

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