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2020 Road Repair and Replacement Project

Bennett Paving completed the milling of Wickersham Drive and Ale House Retreat this week and will begin paving next week. Staff continues to keep the residents on these roads updated with any changes to the paving schedule via Swift911 and communications placed in their mail tube.

BrightView Landscapes Contracted Work

This week, BrightView Landscapes replaced areas of turf at the Main Gate and Landings Harbor. The areas requiring replacements were damaged by a combination of golf carts and vehicles who drove onto these areas (which is discouraged) and/or areas the turf was damaged by insect or a fungus.  BrightView staff also completed irrigation audits on all TLA-owned irrigation systems. All work completed this week is included within our annual landscape contract.

2020 Community Path Project

Absolute Concrete completed the conversion of the path section from Tarrow Ridge Road to the Oakridge Clubhouse. The contractor also completed the Fat Friars Retreat community path repair this week, along with curb and drainage repairs on Willeford Drive and Wickersham Drive. 

Absolute Concrete also widened the path at Prestbury Lane and Landings Way South to improve the transition from golf cart traffic on the roadway onto the path. The widening of the path now allows for two carts to pass one another without having to drive onto the curb. 

Landing Harbor Fixed Pier

As part of our monthly maintenance work, staff completed the necessary repairs and replacements to the Landings Harbor Fixed Pier. The maintenance included nailing down loose boards and replacing worn and and/or damaged boards. Staff also pressure washed the walkway to the Landings Harbor Store and cleaned the fixed pier. In September, staff is scheduled to pressure wash and reseal the fixed pier as part of our annual preventive maintenance.

Mailbox and Street Sign Painting Program

In-house staff completed all work associated with the mailbox and sign painting program on the following roads this week: Staysail Lane, Flying Jib Lane, Sailmaker Lane, Mizzenmast Lane, Upland Lane, Canticle Lane, and Pelham Road.  Crews are currently working on the side streets located off Delegal Road. As a reminder, please continue to be cognizant of staff working alongside the roadway at times to complete these repairs.

Deer Creek Village Access Control Facility Guest Lane

Late Thursday afternoon, staff received notification that a vehicle struck the sliding gate at the Deer Creek Village Access Control Facility (guest lane). Staff responded to the incident, completed an assessment of the damages and contacted Security to complete a security report. The sliding gate is inoperable as it incurred extensive damages. The sliding gate and operator are up for replacement this year and staff is recommending that the equipment be replaced during the capital project which is scheduled to begin in approximately 60 days.

Environmental Manager Resignation

Jason Alstad has been working for TLA since July of 2019 as the Public Works Department’s Environmental Manager. He is moving on to an Environmental Inspector position for the Savannah River Dredging Project.  Jason’s last day is Friday and we wish him all the best in his new endeavor. 


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