Window to the World

Humans are social creatures by nature, which makes the need to stay home difficult for many of us. The warmer weather and longer days also make us want to get out and explore. Thankfully, technology provides an outlet to stay in touch with each other and continue to explore new areas. 

To explore some areas close to home try the links below.

Landings Bird Cam ( - This link provides a live stream to the cameras in our own backyard that show the newly rebuilt nest. Currently there is a pair of osprey nesting with four eggs.

Georgia Aquarium ( ) - This link provides a live stream to the large aquarium that houses whale sharks and manta rays. The Georgia Aquarium also has webcams that show the otters, penguins, and the barrier reef exhibits.

Zoo Atlanta ( - Check out the panda habitat at the zoo. The zoo will show live streams of other animals when the panda is not available.

If you'd like to "travel" a little further from home, check out the links below to explore some of our nation's greatest treasures.

Yellowstone National Park ( - This link provides a live stream of Old Faithful as well as calculation tool you can use to make a prediction as to when the next eruption will occur. There are eight other cameras stationed around the large national park that you can access from this link to explore other areas of our nation's first National Park.

The Smithsonian's Natural History Museum ( - This link allows you to explore permanent exhibits at the National Museum of Natural History (e.g., the dinosaur bones) as well as the current exhibits, including mummies and the jewels and gemstones exhibit. 

The National Aquarium ( - This link gives you the ability to explore the aquarium as if you were there. Travel down the halls to see alligators, sea turtles, and even exotic animals from the Amazon River and Channel Islands.


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