On the Security Scene

Courtesy of Landings Security

Vehicle Accidents

On Wednesday, March 11, Landings Security and Chatham County Police Department (CCPD) responded to the intersection of Yam Gandy Road and Landings Way South for a two-vehicle accident between a resident and a Marshes resident. The Marshes resident was making a left turn onto Yam Gandy Road and was struck on the rear passenger side of her vehicle by the other driver. There were no injuries reported; however, both vehicles sustained damages but still could be driven. CCPD cited the Marshes resident for Failure to Yield.

Landings Security responded to the area of Sleepy Terrapin Lane and Landings Way South on Monday, March 16, for a single-vehicle accident without injuries. The officer identified the driver as a resident and learned that she was trying to turn the corner when she struck a sign. Public Works personnel removed the broken sign from the area, which will be replaced.

Golf Cart vs. Bicycle Accident

On Friday, March 13, Landings Security responded to the intersection of Landings Way North and Bartram Road South for a report of a golf cart versus bicycle accident. Upon arrival, the officer spoke with a teenage boy and his parents about the incident. The boy stated that he and several friends were stationary on their bicycles while at the stop sign on the cart path facing Bartram Road. A golf cart traveling from Bartram Road crossed the roadway and struck his bicycle when it passed. The driver continued down the path without stopping, but eventually he returned to the scene. The parents advised that they already had spoken with the driver who stated that he felt a small bump when he passed the group of boys but did not realize he had hit anything. Upon giving it more thought, he decided to return to the scene and make sure. Both parties agreed to work out any damages among themselves and did not require CCPD. The teenager did not sustain any injuries during the incident, and the golf cart driver was provided a reminder about operating a golf cart safely and same was annotated in our files.

Golf Cart vs. Vehicle Accident

Landings Security and CCPD responded to the intersection of Lake Street and Diamond Causeway for a golf cart versus vehicle accident between two residents on Tuesday, March 19. The driver of the vehicle was making a left turn onto Westcross Road from Diamond Causeway when she struck the golf cart, which had crossed in front of her vehicle. Neither party was injured, and only the vehicle sustained some damages to the front passenger side. The driver of the golf cart was cited for failure to yield as the left turn arrow was green at the time of the incident.

Golf Cart Accident

Landings Security responded to Tidewater Square on Tuesday, March 17, for a report of an overturned golf cart. Upon arrival, the officer noticed the cart was upright and the only noticeable damage was a broken windshield. The officer spoke with the resident on scene who advised that her properly licensed daughter was driving the cart and took the corner too sharp when she entered the square. She also stated that her other children were in the cart as well at the time of the incident. The children suffered a few minor scratches and did not require any further assistance. The driver of the golf cart was reminded about safely operating a golf cart and provided a warning.

Gas Leak

On Tuesday, March 17, Landings Security and Chatham Emergency Services (CES) responded to Buckthorn Lane for a report of a gas leak. Comcast/Xfinity was working in the area and struck a gas line. Atlanta Gas was notified and responded to repair the leak.

Domestic Dispute

Landings Security and CCPD responded to a residence for a report of a domestic dispute on Sunday, March 15. There were no injuries at the time, and CCPD advised one of the involved parties to stay elsewhere for the remainder of the evening.


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