General Manager's Update

By Shari Haldeman -
General Manager/COO, The Landings Association
Dear Residents, As I write this, The Landings Association just received the completed Reserve Study. This study was initiated to determine if our current Capital Reserves funding levels are appropriate compared to industry standards, and to address concerns about our aging infrastructure. A Reserve Specialist, Charlie Sheppard, inspected and analyzed all Association assets and infrastructure to verify condition, useful life and replacement cost. Sheppard also analyzed our current Capital Asset Management Plan, the methodology, projections, and the Reserve Fund balance. He then recommended a future Capital Reserves funding plan that meets industry standards for property owners associations. Sheppard presented the study during the January 27 Budget Workshop. You can read much more about the Study in February's Landings Journal, including in the Budget Box. The Reserve Specialist’s recommendation includes a higher amount than currently is being allocated to Capital Reserves to reduce risk levels and meet national standards, noting that current funding levels are not sustainable. He recommended achieving and maintaining a minimum balance of 30% to fully fund the Capital Reserve (see Budget Box for explanation). The implications of his recommendation for Assessment (property owner dues) planning must be thoroughly evaluated and discussed with the community. That means there is much work to do before our next Assessment Vote, including analysis of the report and robust community discussion on what is best for the future of The Landings, and what owners will support. So please become engaged in this process. We need your input to help shape the proposal. Nothing has been decided at this point. Recently, Chatham County senior management met with the Association’s management and Board of Directors to discuss a revised concept plan for a proposed roundabout at the four-way intersection at the Main Gate. A similar proposal was presented several years ago. Many residents were opposed at that time, for several reasons, including the design for golf cart crossings. Chatham County has updated its design to take that into account, but still has some work to do before discussion with island residents. The County continues to believe a roundabout is the ultimate solution to creating a safer intersection and would eliminate their concerns about the left turn lane onto McWhorter Drive. During this discussion, the Board strongly advised that before any updated proposed roundabout comes before the community, the County should repair the pavement where the rumble strips were recently placed and then removed. The County staff subsequently advised me that they will be executing a change order to the scope of work in an existing County paving project to add these repairs. They are unable to provide a specific timeline for these repairs and indicated they hope it will be within the next month or two. We will continue to provide updates on both topics (pavement repairs and potential roundabout) as they become available. The Association’s Annual Meeting will be Tuesday, March 3, at 7 p.m. in the Plantation Ballroom. Please plan to attend to learn about last year’s financial results as well as what’s in store for the rest of this year. The Annual Report will be posted online in advance of the meeting for review. Another date of note is February 22, when hawks, owls, and eagles will make a return appearance to the Association’s Athletic Field (600 Landings Way South). The raptors are part of Georgia Southern University’s Wildlife Education Center. This event is sponsored by Skidaway Audubon and begins at 1 p.m. If you were one of the hundreds of residents to experience this educational program last year, you know just how special and amazing it is. If you missed out last year, you have an opportunity to witness the majesty of these birds on February 22nd!

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