Water Issues Outlined on February 13

Courtesy of Skidaway Audubon

It’s easy to take water for granted. We turn the faucet and water comes out, right?

But under current drought conditions, there is a lot to learn, including usage restrictions, conservation efforts, saltwater intrusion, aquifers, allocations, and much more. Did you know that on Skidaway Island, more than 55 percent of potable water is used for irrigation?

Utilities, Inc. Georgia Regional Manager Ron Medders will highlight Skidaway Island’s water usage, conservation requirements, and other water supply issues at Skidaway Audubon’s Meeting on February 13.

The meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. at Messiah Lutheran Church (1 West Ridge Road). Admission is free for members of the Friends of Skidaway Audubon, and the cost is $5 for guests. Friends of Skidaway Audubon Memberships will be available at the meeting.

The mission of Skidaway Audubon is to educate and engage residents in programs designed to protect, conserve, and enhance the island’s natural resources. Membership in Friends of Skidaway Audubon is tax-deductible and helps fund programs that raise environmental awareness within the community. Family memberships begin at just $35.

   To learn more about Skidaway Audubon, or to become a member of Friends of Skidaway Audubon, visit www.skidawayaudubon.org or the Friends of Skidaway Audubon’s Facebook page (www.facebook.com/FriendsofSkidawayAudubon/).

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