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On behalf of all Members of Landings Landlovers, our President, Bonnie Kelly (shown at left), wishes all Landings Residents a very Happy New Year!

Landlovers Membership Open to All Island Residents!

Landings Landlovers’ is a philanthropic and social organization that now is open to all island residents. The Landings Landlovers was established in 1974. Its purpose is to promote fellowship through social and cultural activities while working toward the continued improvement of community life through its philanthropic efforts. Besides philanthropy, Landlovers also is a social organization with more than 20 activities. Information and details can be found at While you are there, sign up to join! Select the “Join/Renew” button on the right side of the homepage. Each $30 membership fee covers one household of one to two adults. Our membership year runs from September 1 through August 31. We encourage online renewal, but if you prefer, you can mail a check to Membership Director Cec Calcaterra (26 Magnolia Crossing). For more information, contact Cec ( or 803-309-5883).

Landlovers Annual Giant Flea Market

This year’s event is March 7 from 9 to 1 p.m. at Messiah Lutheran Church. One Person’s Stuff Is Another Person’s Treasures! That’s the thought behind the Landings Landlovers Annual Giant Flea with intake days on February 29 - March 2. The Flea Market intake days, sale day, and Auctionmania are perfect examples of the incredible difference that can be made when people work together. This year marks the 37th year of the Flea Market, and last year’s event, including Auctionmania, raised $58,000! More than 800 volunteers help pull this annual fundraising event off by organizing, cleaning, pricing, and selling thousands of donations received from generous Landings residents. Proceeds from the Flea Market help Landings Landlovers provide funds to many great organizations, such as the Skidaway Island First Responders, Landings Military Family Relief Fund, Skidaway Audubon, Skidaway Boy Scouts, Skidaway Library, Chatham Emergency Services, and the Children’s Garden at Skidaway Farms. Additionally, Landings Landlovers funds scholarships for employees of The Landings Association and The Landings Company and their immediate, dependent family members to help cover costs of tuition, books, and school supplies for post-high school education.

What Exactly Is This Flea Market?

Perhaps you’re new to the area or just haven’t been a part of the Flea Market in the past, so really have no concept of what it is exactly. The Flea Market is a fundraising event hosted by Landings Landlovers every year to raise money that funds annual scholarships and grants, which is disbursed to Landings area organizations. The Flea Market is held in the Messiah Lutheran Church parking lot in The Village, with merchandise donated by residents of The Landings. The Flea Market is a great example of well-organized chaos! Hundreds of tables are spread around the area with incredible bargains. All donations are organized into a range of categories such as sports, small appliances, furniture, holidays, kitchen, etc. and spread out over a large area with all items deeply discounted. It’s like a one-day, giant outdoor department store! Attendees come from all over the area; some Landings residents take part, with many others coming from off-island and the greater Savannah area. The Flea Market begins at 9 a.m. with the blast of a large horn when all can feel the high-energy atmosphere. By 1 p.m. whatever is left is packed for donation to the Salvation Army, and the items are trucked away. Volunteers clean up the remaining trash, and the parking lot looks as if nothing out of the ordinary ever happened.

What Items Can You Donate?

Donations include practically everything but the kitchen sink! To be more specific, items that are in good/working conditions are acceptable.

What Items Are Prohibited?

Clothes, shoes, artificial Christmas trees, baby car seats and cribs, bed pillows, books (except children’s books), computers, flammables or toxic items, florist vases, knives, large appliances, large exercise equipment, LP records, mattresses, mugs, rotary phones, sofa beds, stuffed animals, tote bags, treadmills, TVs that aren’t flat screen, and weapons of any kind.

Intake Days to Donate

Donations are accepted on Intake Days in The Landings Association’s parking lot (600 Landings Way South) off Landings Way South and across from Franklin Creek. This year’s intake days are February 29 through March 2. Cars drive around the back of the parking lot where volunteers eagerly are awaiting to help unload your car and get the items to their designated trailers, where they are stored and moved to the Messiah Lutheran parking lot shortly before the event.

Hours to Donate

  • Saturday, February 29, from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
  • Sunday, March 1, from noon to 3:30 p.m.
  • Monday, March 2, from ​9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Pre-Intake Days

For larger items like furniture, pre-intake days begin in January. If you have a truck and are willing to help pick up larger items, please email

Landlovers Annual Auctionmania

Following the Flea Market on Tuesday night, March 10, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. in Plantation Ballroom is Auctionmania. What is Auctionmania? During Flea Market intake, we collect some of the unique and higher value items to save for a night of silent auction bidding. All Landings residents are invited to join the fun and spirited bidding for what always is a wide variety of great items. This year’s silent auction bidding will be done online, making it faster and easier for all to participate! All proceeds from Auctionmania and the Flea Market benefit the Landlovers Foundation that awards grants and scholarships within our community. Mark your calendars and don’t miss this fun evening!

Volunteers Are Needed!

Volunteers always are welcomed, whether for Intake Days, the Flea Market, or Auctionmania. According to Rib Rubin, this year’s Flea Market Chairman, “Landings Landlovers truly appreciates all volunteers, many of whom work for several months beforehand organizing the details to make the day run smoothly and efficiently. We also are appreciative of the space Messiah Lutheran Church provides for this great event every year.” If you are interested in volunteering, please email ASAP.

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