Lots of “l’il sprouts” popped up in Skidaway Farms last week as 171 kindergarteners and first graders came to learn about bugs, blooms and fresh foods.

Farmer Jane Kollmann assisted by six volunteers welcomed 140 Hesse School kindergarteners and 31 first graders from Whitemarsh Island’s Saint Andrews school. This was the first field trip to the farm for Hesse students. The farm has hosted Saint Andrews students annually for the past four years.

The students have been learning about pollination, seed germination, and the life cycle of butterflies. The discovery of several Monarch butterfly caterpillars and chrysalis was an exciting find during the outings.

“The sugar cane was a hit,” added Kollmann, referring to the towering plant that formed an archway the children had to duck through during their tour of the various garden plots.

The children also enjoyed petting the fuzzy silver sage, smelling fresh rosemary, identifying colorful peppers of all sizes, and eating their packed lunches in the open-air pavilion. While a bit wary of the farm’s active beehives, they knew bees produce honey, and learned bees are necessary for food production, too.

Skidaway Farms offers 10X20-foot plots, raised beds, a children’s garden, and an organic section as well, with an automatic sprinkler system and an electrified fence to keep away deer and other wildlife. The farm currently has plots available, just in time for fall planting. For more information, contact Membership Coordinator Jane Kollmann at gardenher52@aol.com or visit skidawayfarms.net .