Fun Fact Friday

Have you ever been to Fort Pulaski? By Presidential Proclamation, today (October 11) is General Pulaski Memorial Day in honor of General Casimir Pulaski. Pulaski was a Polish soldier who assisted the Colonists during the American Revolution and was instrumental in defending Savannah. Unfortunately, Pulaski was severely wounded during the Siege of Savannah on October 9, 1779 and later died on October 11, 1779. In honor of his heroic efforts, there is a square in Historic Savannah that bares his name, as well as a monument dedicated to him in another square, and the Civil War-era fort on Cockspur Island.  

Plan a visit to Fort Pulaski, and soak up some of the great history it has to offer. To find out more about Fort Pulaski, click here.

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