Hurricane Dorian Disaster Preparation Tip:

Fill your car with gas TODAY, and while you are at it, top off the air in your tires.

If an evacuation gets under way, many people will fill up with gas as they leave town. Unfortunately, this means a huge surge of demand at a critical time, and at a time when gas tanker trucks may not be able to get into the area to replenish the local supplies.

If you fill your tank today, the gas stations will have time to resupply before the critical evacuation date, reducing the last minute supply crunch.

And while you are at the station, check your tire pressure and refill your tires if necessary. You will get much better gas mileage with correctly-filled tires, and reduce the likelihood of problems while you are on the road. If you wait until the last minute to check your tires, you may find that the gas stations have already closed up and turned off their air pumps.