On the Security Scene






Motor Vehicle Fire

Security and Chatham Emergency Services (CES) responded to the Recycling Center on McWhorter Drive for a report of a vehicle fire. The resident reported that the fire began while charging his truck battery via jumper cables from another vehicle. CES extinguished the fire, and the vehicle was removed from the area by a tow truck. There were no injuries reported.

Property Damage

On Sunday, May 5 at 11:30 p.m., Security at the Main ACF witnessed a vehicle swerve off the road and strike an unknown object at the intersection of McWhorter Drive and Diamond Causeway. A patrol officer responded to the area and found a set of tire tracks along with some debris on the shoulder of the road. Security conducted a follow-up investigation the next morning and discovered that a light pole had been struck during the incident and landed in some underbrush on the right side of the cart path. A search of the Avigilon system showed what appeared to be a black truck travelling east on Diamond Causeway at an extremely high rate of speed. Moments after passing The Village, the accident is captured on the Main Gate exit camera. The vehicle is seen leaving the scene and turning onto McWhorter Drive. Security identified a vehicle matching the description entering the North Acess Control Facility (ACF) a few minutes after the incident occurred. All information has been shared with Chatham County Police Department (CCPD) officials for further investigation. The information also was shared with Georgia Power as the damaged light pole belongs to them.

Boat Accident

Security responded to Delegal Marina on Saturday, May 4 for a report of a boat accident without injuries. Upon arrival, a Non-Property Owner Member (NPOM) advised that he was attempting to leave the dock in his boat when he accidentally brushed the side of another boat which belonged to a resident. The resident was on his boat at the time of the incident, and both parties exchanged information. There were no damages to either vessel, and both individuals declined to notify CCPD.

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