Security Update

By Tim Cook -
Security Director

At least twice during the past six months and more times than I can recollect during the last six years, I have dedicated a portion of my monthly update to golf carts, including golf cart safety, how to register your golf cart, and golf cart-free zones to name a few topics. By now, everyone should be well-versed on the subject, but Security continues to receive complaints, witness violations, and issue warnings/fines pertaining to golf carts. The biggest offenses include drivers not having a valid driver’s license (e.g., underage drivers), golf carts operating in locations where they should not be (see list below), and unregistered golf carts.

All privately-owned golf carts must be registered with The Landings Association. It is a simple process, and it takes less time than you would spend at the Chatham County Tag Office registering your vehicle. Furthermore, unlike most government agencies, WE will come to YOU! It does not get any easier, so please, if you have not registered your cart yet, contact us today to make your cart TLA official. Altering your golf cart decals changes your previously registered cart to an unregistered cart, so the few residents who have made modifications to their TLA golf cart decals must get their golf cart registered again. If you have questions regarding golf cart registration, you can reach us by email ( or by calling the Security Supervisor’s direct office phone (912-598-2661).

Several areas on the island are considered “Cart Free Zones,” and as such, golf carts are not permitted on the streets in those areas. The list is included in your 2019 Directory on page 29, but I have included it here as well so you can keep a copy in your golf cart.

  • Brandenberry Road
  • Green Island Road, McWhorter Drive, and Diamond Causeway
  • Lake Street - from The Village traffic light on Shellwind Drive (inside the gates)
  • Landings Way - between Wiley Bottom Road and Huntingwood Retreat
  • Landings Way North - Marshwood Gate and Deer Creek Gate areas
  • Landings Way South - Plantation Club area between Peregrine Crossing and Prestbury
  • Tidewater Way - between The Village and Landings Way
  • Bridge on Westcross Road that crosses over Green Island Road

It may not seem like a big deal to ride your golf cart on the street in these areas, but it is, as it creates extremely dangerous circumstances not only for the golf cart operator but also for vehicle drivers. Imagine coming across the bridge on Westcross Road and nearly colliding head-on with another vehicle attempting to pass a golf cart in the roadway instead of on the adjacent cart path.

I know the temptation to allow your responsible teenager to operate your golf cart for convenience purposes on occasion, but, please, resist the urge to allow them to operate the cart until they obtain their driver’s license. We all need a little more exercise, so get them out there running, walking, or riding their bikes!

As you can imagine, a lot of other issues regarding safety and the “totem pole” of due care (pedestrians, cyclists, golf carts) could be included in this article, but my editor only allows me so much space. However, I can sum it up in three words -- respectful, responsible, and courteous.

After one of my recent articles indicating exactly where we would focus our resources and efforts on traffic compliance and running LIDAR, a resident suggested instead of warning residents we should offer friendly reminders. Taking his advice, this is my friendly reminder.

Tim Cook

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