The unofficial election results are in, and the voters have spoken loudly and clearly to say “No Skidaway City”.

By 8:21 pm, with 100% of precincts reporting, the unofficial tally was 2193 “Yes” votes, to 3656 “No” votes.

Voter turnout was an extremely impressive 72.51% of all registered voters. A total of 5851 ballots were cast, out of a registered population of 8069.

When looking at the more granular vote data, the impact of Precinct 12 stands out. The precinct includes Midpoint, as well as parts of Marshwood to the North and East of Landings Way. Voters in Precinct 12 voted almost 3-to-1 against incorporation (73% No vs. 27% Yes), while the island’s other precincts were somewhat more evenly divided, running approximately 59% No vs. 41% Yes.

After the election, Jean McRae, one of the key people who led the “No Skidaway City” movement, said “This was a team effort. It has been an absolute honor to have had the privilege to work with this TEAM to accomplish what we never imagined we could do. With limited fiscal resources, maximum brain power, tenacity, grit, determination, hard work, dedication to a cause we all believed in, and with absolute Southern style and grace, we proved that truth can and will win in the end.”

This is a developing story.

Last update: 4:35 pm 3/20/19