The bill to authorize a vote whether or not to incorporate Skidaway Island is making its way through the Georgia Legislature.  The most recent version specifies that one of the council members must come from outside of The Landings.

Here is the update as shared by the Landings Association:


Substitute House Bill 618, which would allow the registered voters of Skidaway Island to vote on incorporation, passed out of the Georgia House Committee on Governmental Affairs on February 7. It then went to the full House and passed 158-3. This substitute bill changed the election of city council members (now a total of six instead of four) and the mayor to at large, with one council member having a residential requirement to live outside of The Landings. The Senate voted on February 14, and the bill passed 43-10 with a couple of minor word changes. Now the bill needs to go back to the House to be passed with the minor word changes. Following that, the governor must sign the bill into law. The next step will be the vote on the incorporation of Skidaway Island on November 6, 2018.

In the meantime, a Phase 2 Incorporation Committee has been formed with liaisons from Modena island, South Harbor, Green Island Road, The Landings Association, The Landings Club and The Marshes. This committee will have an organizational meeting in early March and will address issues such as LOST, FEMA flood insurance and the Community Rating System that influences flood insurance rates, and interim planning for the period between the vote and the actuality of becoming a full-service city, should the vote pass. The committee will also develop a list of questions and concerns that residents might have, as well as responses, so that these can be addressed before the vote in November.