Step Up for The Landings: Join the Board! Accepting Nominations Through July 22, 2024

By Herman Stone –
Chair, Board Nominating Committee

Hey Neighbors,

The Landings Association (TLA) is accepting nominations for Board Directors for the 2025 to 2027 term. We've had an amazing amount of interest in recent years, and our committee had the tough job of narrowing down some very qualified residents to the six who would ultimately run. I'm happy to say that many of the others went on to join TLA committees.

Serving on the Board is a commitment and a responsibility, but it's also incredibly fulfilling work. The good news is, as an active member of the Board, you’ll still have plenty of time to enjoy the Landings lifestyle. In fact, two of our current Board members hold full-time jobs, and others continue to volunteer for various local organizations and charities, yet we all make time for TLA-related business and leisure activities.

Ask anyone who has ever served on TLA’s Board if they regretted it, and I bet it would be hard to find someone who says yes. Here’s what some of our newest Board Directors have to say about their experience:

"Having served on TLA's Board for the past six months, I've found the experience to be both interesting and challenging, and overall an excellent way to better understand what it takes to make The Landings such a great place to live and flourish. You get to work with eight other committed and talented Board Directors and TLA's excellent staff on a wide and sometimes unexpected range of issues. Ensuring we have Board Candidates with a diversity of skills and life experiences is a big plus. You can make a difference in enhancing our community by bringing your own unique perspectives to the table. There is a time commitment and learning curve, but I bet you'll find it worth it." - Brian Dunphy

"My husband  and I moved to The Landings in 2012, and to this day we cannot imagine where else we would rather live. Before this move, we did not appreciate the important impact TLA would have on our quality of life and on the sustainability of our new island home. My previous service on TLA and TLGAC committees, together with my current TLA  board membership, have provided me the opportunity to discover more about the intricacies of The Landings and all that is involved in effectively managing, preserving, and improving our vast community. As a TLA Board Director, I have been provided the  opportunity to offer my input in guiding the community forward and to collaborate with many talented  residents, Landings management, and staff. These individuals offer a diverse set of experience, talents, and dedication to the community’s goals. I encourage you to join us in this meaningful community effort by getting involved with TLA!" - Marian Mackle

"In July of 2019, my family and I made the move to The Landings, a decision that initially surprised me, as I had been living in Savannah for more than 20 years and had never considered The Landings as a potential place to relocate. Our original plan was to "flip" our house. We'd spend a year living here, renovate, and then sell. However, our perception of The Landings changed once we experienced its wonderful community and amenities. Why would we want to leave such a fantastic place? After being involved with the Architecture Review Committee (ARC) for three years, I was honored to be asked to serve on TLA's Board. The opportunity was flattering, and I quickly realized the depth of dedication and hard work put in by our staff and community. Even though I am just beginning my first year on the Board, I truly am amazed by the level of commitment and the incredible achievements of our staff and community. For anyone looking to put down roots and actively engage with a welcoming community, I highly recommend considering TLA's Board." - Jason Somers

The Landings is a unique community with many talented individuals, many of whom have already served on the Association’s Board and Standing Committees. Others would make perfect additions to our team of Directors. It's up to all of us to realize that we can be part of the positive change we wish to see in The Landings. It’s going to be an exciting year ahead. Join the team!

Remember, you also can nominate a friend or neighbor who you believe would be a great addition to the Association’s Board. To submit a Board Candidate Application, click here. The deadline for applications is July 22. You also can get more involved by applying to serve on any of our committees. To submit a Committee Application, please click here.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact any Nominating Committee member (see below) to discuss your interest in serving or to recommend others.

Thanks for being such an awesome community!


Herman Stone
Chair, Board Nominating Committee
The Landings Association



                                            TLA 2024 Board Nominating Committee:

Herman Stone (Chair)

Patty Morgan

Jason Somers

Quentin Marlin

Maryann Gallagher

Steve Lee

Mike Barber

Chris Frohn

Kathy Siler

Anne Hackett

Diane Wilson

John Holmquist


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