On the Security Scene

Courtesy of Landings Security

Possible Theft 

On Wednesday, June 12, a resident contacted Security to report her mail missing from her mailbox on Monday, June 10. The resident advised that she has USPS Informed Delivery, which shows her pictures of mail pieces and what day she is expected to receive them. The service showed there were seven pieces of mail expected to arrive on Monday, but the resident never received them. The resident stated she received her mail as expected on Tuesday and Wednesday but never received the pieces from Monday. She expressed concerns that the mail was possibly stolen. The resident notified USPS of the missing mail and was encouraged to contact CCPD as well. No other similar incidents were recently reported.


On Friday, June 14, a Public Works employee reported vandalism to the restrooms at Landings Community Park. The women’s restroom paper towels had been removed from the dispenser and thrown on the ground. The soap dispenser was removed from the wall and tossed behind the toilet. In the men’s restroom, the paper towel dispenser was removed from the wall and broken. The soap dispenser also was broken and thrown into the trash can. A check of the exterior camera system showed a group of teenagers or young adults arriving around midnight. However, the camera views do not show the restrooms. Further investigation is being conducted, and additional security measures to include locks and facial recognition cameras for this area are being explored.

Traffic Safety 

The Guardian Pro camera/LIDAR system remained on Landings Way South near Black Hawk Trail North. From June 12 to June 18, the system recorded 274 violations, with the highest recorded speed being 94 MPH. Due to the egregious nature of this violation, the owner of this vehicle will be recommended for suspension of membership privileges at the Board of Directors meeting on June 25. Additionally, a $599 fine was assessed. As a reminder, courtesy notices and warnings will no longer be issued effective July 1. Fines will be assessed for those individuals who are recorded exceeding the posted speed limit. 














TLA Rules and Regulations Enforcement 

Warnings and a $50 fine were issued to residents for operating a golf cart without a driver’s license. 


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