Residential Roof Maintenance Tips

Wed, 06/19/2024

The Community Development Department (CDD) recently performed inspections along the golf courses throughout the community. While it was noticed that many homes appeared to have recently replaced their roofs, these inspections also revealed that other roofs are exhibiting staining, deterioration, or excessive accumulation of debris. To help keep your home looking its best and ensure your roof has you covered as we enter hurricane season, your CDD offers the following tips.

  • Roofing inspections should be performed twice a year. In the South, it is ideal to conduct inspections before and after the summer season, when the most wear and tear occurs from excessive heat, extreme weather, and debris.
  • Hiring a roofing contractor is recommended, as many homeowners do not have the knowledge or experience to properly inspect a roof. A roofing contractor will inspect the interior of the roof for proper insulation, ventilation, and moisture. The exterior inspection will focus on flashing, leaks, rot and mold, structural damage, shingle deterioration, and the state of your gutters. A professional should provide solutions for any problems found, or a plan for what needs to be done immediately.
  • When hiring a professional, make sure to research the contractor thoroughly, and use your best judgment when allowing strangers onto your property. Most roof contractors, although not all, will have full coverage by a reputable insurance company limiting your liability should something happen on your property.

To better assist property owners with the maintenance and repair of roofing, below is a list of frequently utilized contractors who are associated with roofing in and around the Savannah area. These contractors are listed below for reference and not as an endorsement.

  • Alpha Roofing Services (912-800-5454)
  • Michael’s Roofing (912-748-6888)
  • Nick Grassi Roofing & Gutter (912-656-1439)
  • Danny Grassi Roofing (912-856-1110)
  • DBM Roofing (912-655-7651)
  • JCB Roofing (912-920-4364)
  • Low Country Roofing (912-239-4830)

Please take the time to evaluate your property and assist us in resolving potential compliance issues. The Landings Association’s goal is to address these issues with 100% voluntary compliance.

Remember, prior to starting any construction activity or if you have any questions or need assistance in bringing your property into compliance with regards to roofing, please contact the Community Development Department (912-598-5511 or



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