Landings Eyes Are Smiling!

By Pat Breslin
TLA Communications Subcommittee on Courtesy

The days are over when a gentleman would tip his hat to others along the street. The tipping was very nice, but it wasn’t the point. The connection was the eye contact.

The gesture made us pause and acknowledge each other’s presence, with a brief glance linking our eyes. The gesture communicated in an instant that, yes, we’re both busy at this moment and can’t chat now, but we wish each other well.

Isn’t that a lot better than staring into the grocery cart and avoiding eye contact with the people around?

Courtesy doesn’t cost anything, and it can actually be fun. It’s not always obvious whether the other person wants to say hello, is too pressed for time, or is lonely. A brief eye contact and a smile sends a wordless, but friendly, greeting to a stranger, and it might just open the door to a future friendship. It’s worth a try.

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