Discover the TLA Board Nomination Process!

By Herman Stone –
Chair, Board Nominating Committee

Dear Neighbor,

Have you ever wondered how Landings Association Board Candidates are chosen? It might seem like these qualified folks just appear out of nowhere, or maybe you think the current Board picks their friends and neighbors. But that's not how it works!

The Nomination Process

The nomination process actually is handled by a Landings owner committee. These dedicated volunteers recruit candidates to run for election to the Board, explaining what's expected of them and interviewing them to get to know them better both personally and professionally. The Nominating Committee works independently from the Board and Landings Association staff when it comes to nominations. Once they’ve made their selections, they report their findings to the Board. The Board doesn’t make the decisions—the Nominating Committee does.

Excitement for the Process

Board Members Herman Stone, Patty Morgan, and Jason Somers are excited to guide the nomination process this year.

"Our community is packed with talented folks who make awesome assets to The Landings Association Board," Somers said.  “We usually have Board members from all sorts of professional backgrounds, including business management, legal, financial, engineering, health, marketing, and more. This mix is super important as we handle different issues, and this year’s Nominating Committee is working hard to keep that balance."

Encouragement to Participate

Patty Morgan agreed, emphasizing the importance of the Nominating Committee's work and encouraging all residents approached by a committee member to seriously consider running for the Board.

“Serving on the Board is both an honor and a responsibility.” Morgan said. “It's a real honor to be elected by my neighbors to help manage our community. It's also a big responsibility to develop plans and policies that help The Landings reach its full potential, just like our Mission and Vision statements lay out."

How You Can Help

Even though the Nominating Committee is hard at work identifying potential Board members, they don’t always know where to find all the prime candidates. This is where you come in!

If you know someone who would make a perfect Board Director, or if you're interested in running for the Board yourself, email any of the members of the Nominating Committee below.  You can also fill out a Board Candidate Application on The Landings Association's website by clicking here.

Join us and be a part of the positive change you want to see in The Landings!


Herman Stone
Chair, Board Nominating Committee
The Landings Association



                                            TLA 2024 Board Nominating Committee:

Herman Stone (Chair)

Patty Morgan

Jason Somers

Quentin Marlin

Maryann Gallagher

Steve Lee

Mike Barber

Chris Frohn

Kathy Siler

Anne Hackett

Diane Wilson

John Holmquist


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