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Repairs and Leveling to Begin on Tidewater Square Brick Roadway

Beginning Monday, June 17, Form Construction Services, LLC is scheduled to start to repair and level the potholes located on the inbound lane in Tidewater Square.  The repairs are anticipated to take 10-14 days to complete. During this project, the lanes will be restricted in width to allow the necessary repairs to be made. Please be cognizant of the work in the square and use caution in and around the construction area.

Landings Harbor Park Irrigation System

This week, Public Works Staff, in conjunction with BrightView, completed the installation of the new irrigation system at Landings Harbor Marina. This new system not only will increase the coverage to the new configuration of the park area, but it will run up to 50% quicker than the previous system. The park area will be watered daily from midnight to 6 a.m.

Center Island Refurbishment on Rebecca Lane

In-house staff, in conjunction with BrightView continue to work on rebuilding the center island on Rebecca Lane. This island was reshaped to allow for a better turning radius as part of the recent repaving. Several trees have been removed from the island and topsoil will be added to level the area, while enhancing the drainage. The center island also will be overseeded with turf, and additional plantings will be considered by direction of the Center Island Committee.

2024 Storm Drain Project

Southeast Pipe continued cleaning and clearing storm drain pipes in Marshwood this week, in preparation for this year’s Storm Drain Capital Project. Once the project is approved by The Board of Directors, the contractor will begin working on this year’s project scope.

Concrete Repairs - Curb and Gutter and Community Path Panels

Absolute Concrete has been replacing damaged curbing and gutters in Midpoint this week and will continue working in this area next week. The contractor also replaced damaged concrete panels in Marshwood, along Lagoon 5.

2024 Mailbox and Sign Painting Program

The Mailbox and Sign Painting Program is completed annually. It includes repainting 1/3 of the community’s street signs, mailbox posts, mailbox numbers and yard plaques. Over the last couple of weeks, in-house staff have been working on this project and just completed pressure washing the west side of Little Comfort Road. Currently, the team is painting the street signs, mailbox posts, mailbox numbers, and yard plaques on Tidewater Way. 

Repairs to Phil Dolan’s Yacht Service

In-house staff began rebuilding the damaged rear wall of Phil Dolan's Boat Shop this week. Phil rents this facility from The Landings Association and repairs and maintenance to the building fall under the responsibility of the Association.














Main Gate Interior Renovation

The Main Gate interior renovation is well underway. The existing carpet has been removed and the floor has been leveled in preparation for the new vinyl plank flooring. The new flooring is scheduled to be installed by Friday. Thereafter, in-house staff will install the cabinets, sinks, and toilets.










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