Main Gate RFID Lane Update (June 13 @ 5:10 p.m.)

Thu, 06/13/2024

The gate vendor has been working this afternoon (June 13) to install the ordered part for the Main Gate to bring the RFID Lane back online. Unfortunately, the installation has not corrected the issue, and work on the gate will continue tomorrow (June 14).  

As previously reported, the cause of the issue was a failed part. Although the Association keeps backup parts for the gates on hand for such situations as this one, when the backup part was installed, it also failed. The backup part had been stored for some time, and most likely was received defective. When ordering the replacement part for the Main Gate, our team made sure to purchase two units to keep one in stock.

In the meantime, members still can access the Main Gate via the visitors' lane, which may result in some delays. Members are encouraged to use the Oakridge and North/Marshwood gates as alternative access points.

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