Chimney Cove Complete

Courtesy of Skidaway Audubon

A ribbon cutting recently was held for Skidaway Audubon's newest initiative, a 12-foot tower for chimney swifts, whose numbers have declined 65 percent due to loss of nesting sites, such as old growth forests and old industrial chimneys.

Swifts are desirable neighbors, as they consume thousands of mosquitoes, gnats and other flying bugs daily. Participating in the event were many of those who facilitated the project, including (L to R) Roni Meikle, Geoff Jegier, Phyllis Tildes, Brad Lucas, Sarah Lucas, Brenda Ecken, Pat Wolters and Dawn Cordo.  Residents who see swifts near the tower, off Landings Way and Priest's Landing, are asked to report their sightings to


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