Potential Landings Company Development Opportunity  

Marguerite Baxter, Chair TLCo Board

The Landings Company, with the support of and collaboration with The Landings Golf & Athletic Club and The Landings Association, is exploring the possibility of developing the excess land adjacent to the Company’s Welcome & Sales Center.

The site on which the office has been located since the early 1970’s is 3.03 acres and has long been oversized for the building, parking lots, and landscaping. This property is already within our community/TLA and therefore does not need to be annexed like Moon River or Marshview Landing once were.

































Last year, the Sales Center, an over 50-year-old building, was totally renovated for the first time at a cost of approximately $1.7m after a $1.2m loan was secured. The goal we are currently evaluating is to develop 5-6 patio home lots between Bartram and Magnolia #9 to significantly reduce this loan amount. The Company will either sell this land to a qualified developer-builder or develop the lots itself and sell them to one or more builders.

Soon, the property line between the Company’s land and golf course will be staked along the approximate location of each of the four corners of the proposed homes so that all three entities can look at their proximity to other assets of each and more fully evaluate the feasibility of this plan.

Importantly, should TLCo proceed, each proposed home’s exterior would have to be reviewed and approved by TLA’s Architectural Review Committee just as with any newly constructed home.

This is just the beginning of a process that will require many more steps and considerable evaluation by all three entities to arrive at a solution that ensures that this small group of homes complements our already great Marshwood campus and neighborhood. Please be assured that we will keep you informed as we progress.

Marguerite Baxter, Chair
The Landings Company Board

This article was originally published by The Landings Association on their website.

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