Skidaway Island Water Consumption Trends 

Wed, 05/22/2024

Courtesy of Strategic Water Committee

Each month, Utilities, Inc. of Georgia, our drinking water and wastewater provider, supplies a water chart to The Landings Association outlining water usage versus our permitted withdrawal level from the Aquifer. This data shows how we are stacking up against the permit so that residents can gauge the level of conservation or alternate water source required to sustain the Community (See Chart 1). Our current Permit allows 1.695 millions of gallons per day average withdrawal (solid red line of Chart 1). The largest amount of water usage on Skidaway Island is lawn irrigation. Water usage for irrigation purposes on Skidaway Island accounts for nearly 40 percent of the water withdrawn from the Aquifer on an annual basis. Not surprisingly, the heaviest water withdrawals coincide with the summer months when frequent lawn irrigation occurs. During this time, we approach the maximum permitted withdrawal level.

The Average Daily Flow chart shows the average daily withdrawal flow per month versus the Permit Flow in millions of gallons per day.

Chart 1                                                        















Chart 2
















We gather rainfall data from and use the Skidaway data (see Chart 2). Chart 2 shows the monthly rainfall recharging the Aquifer and how rainfall impacts our consumption particularly when there is less lawn irrigation.

To monitor your water usage, log onto and follow the signup instructions. Conservation protects our essential water resource. Monitoring your usage can serve to protect our homes and environment from the effects of leaks and overflows.

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