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Lagoon 2 Maintenance and Erosion Control

In-house staff completed the installation of a stone retention wall along the bank of Lagoon 2 this week (that runs along Bartram Road). The lagoon bank was showing signs of significant erosion, which was impacting the community path that runs along this lagoon.  The lagoon bank is now stabilized, and staff will continue to monitor the area.














2024 Road Repair and Replacement Project

Bennett Paving will be onsite next week to address some of the punch list items from this year's road project, which include the Main Gate exit lanes and Landings Way, along with a few other minor repairs.

2024 Stop Bar Striping Program

KM striping began working on the annual stop bar and crosswalk striping program this week. This year’s operational program will include the restriping of 152 stop bars and 30 cross walks in Deer Creek, Oakridge, Moon River, and Marshview Landing.

Fish Kill in Lagoon 124

After the recent fish kill in Lagoon 124 (located just inside the Deer Creek Gate), samples of water were taken to Equifins in Savannah for laboratory testing. The water samples were tested for the presence of pesticides, herbicide, toxic algae, dissolved oxygen, pH, iron level, and hardness.  The results of the testing showed trace levels of pesticides and herbicides, but far below what Georgia EPD considers acceptable. The other environmental indicators were within the range that is desired for water and fish health. 

A subsequent test was conducted and showed greatly elevated levels of coliform bacteria. Lagoon 124 is a nightly roost for an increased number of a variety of birds. The levels of coliform in this lagoon are directly linked to the amount of fecal matter that has accumulated from years of bird presence. As such, a prevention plan has been enacted that focuses on an environmentally safe approach. In-house staff will be applying product to this lagoon that will change the pH to a level that is not harmful to wildlife but will address this type of bacteria. Lagoon 124 will continue to be monitored, along with other lagoons that have a heavy bird presence.

2024 Community Path Repair Program

Absolute Concrete replaced damaged community path panels on Log Landing Road this week and will address some of the curb issues on Planters Lane.

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