CDD Online Permitting Portal Coming Soon

Courtesy of TLA’s Community Development Department

The Landings Association’s Community Development Department (CDD) has partnered with Citizenserve to develop an online, resident permitting portal that contains helpful resources and allows for the submission of applications, document uploads, payment of review fees, scheduling of inspections, and more.  

Citizenserve is a cloud-based program that the Community Development Department has used for several years to manage Private Property Maintenance Standards (PPMS) cases. The new permitting portal will function in parallel to the PPMS process. Once launched, the portal can be accessed by residents at The Landings Association’s website ( through an icon found on the homepage. 

This process improvement will benefit property owners, contractors, installers, builders, architects, and designers by allowing a one-stop shop experience, according to Community Development Department Director Erin Schumacher.

“This is an exciting time for the Community Development Department and Architectural Review Committee (ARC),” Schumacher said. “Anyone who has been through the architectural review or permitting process at The Landings knows that there are forms to complete and guidelines to follow. Our new resident portal places all the needed resources to get your project moving forward in one convenient location.”

Projects of all sizes and scopes require review by the Community Development staff, and some by the Architectural Review Committee (ARC). These projects often require the submission of applications, fees, plans, photos, and other supplemental documents such as Chatham County Permits. Currently, these items can be submitted in person, through standard mail, email, or through online forms. The new online portal will provide an opportunity for everyone to have greater access and more real-time updates while keeping all documents together in one location for record keeping purposes.

Schumacher said the last few years have brought with them unprecedented investment in the community as homeowners have chosen to upgrade, renovate, and expand their current homes or build new homes. This surge of activity brought with it a dramatic increase in the Department workload. 

“Never before has the Community Development Department been this busy processing applications, inspecting construction sites, and educating owners about the ARC review process,” she said. “Due to the increase in activity, it has become evident that our current process is dated, cumbersome, and time-intensive for staff and property owners alike. The new Citizenserve portal will help us improve customer service levels by providing convenience and flexibility for residents to handle their architectural business when it is most convenient for them, even after hours and on weekends when our office is closed.”

Because Citizenserve is a system CDD already uses, for convenience, all current homeowners and property owners already have an account set up in the system. Members should expect to receive an email soon inviting them to visit the Portal to retrieve your username and password along with some informative videos for how to log in and how to submit an application.

Please watch Landings Association Emails and The Landings Journal for more details about Citizenserve as they become available.


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