On the Security Scene

Courtesy of Landings Security


On Monday, May 13, a resident contacted Security to report a theft from an unsecured vehicle. The resident advised that they noticed a credit card missing from a wallet left in their daughter’s vehicle. The resident believed the card was taken on Saturday afternoon or evening, as Saturday was the last time they remember seeing the card. Upon further research, the resident found that a $10,000 charge was charged to the credit card. The resident was advised to contact Chatham County Police Department (CCPD) to file a report with them as well. Security attempted to follow-up with the resident to see if a report was made with CCPD and get more details about the theft, but the attempt was unsuccessful.


Suspicious Incident

Security responded to a residence on Cedar Marsh Retreat on Monday, May 13, in reference to a missing sago palm tree. The resident showed the responding Officer where the tree was located, but the only thing in its place was a stump. The lawn care service was recently at the property, but they denied removing the tree. It is unknown when the tree went missing or who may have taken it. A check of the backyard found nothing else was missing.

On Tuesday, May 14, a resident on Landings Way North contacted Security regarding a suspicious vehicle driving on his lawn. The resident sent in a video of a vehicle reversing off his front lawn back into the driveway. There was no damage found on location. The landlord contacted CCPD, who advised they would check the FLOCK cameras for any matching vehicles. A check of the Avigilon system showed the vehicle tailgating through the North ACF RFID lane. The license plate number was not found in the residential database. The information was passed onto CCPD, and a trespass report was requested.

Sally Port System

Staff recently visited a high-end community with a sally port system at their entry to mitigate tailgating and “forerunners.” We are evaluating how the increase from four seconds to between eight and 14 seconds to proceed through the gate would impact the traffic flow entering the community.

Landlovers Grant       

The Landlovers Foundation awarded The Landings Association funds to purchase two radar placards. The radar placards will be placed adjacent to the Community paths to start data collection. As a reminder, the speed limit on our community paths is 18 MPH, and you can download an app to monitor your golf cart’s speed. Increased efforts will be initiated by the Traffic Safety & Compliance Officer to ensure cart drivers are also abiding by the 3’ rule, unregistered carts, unlicensed drivers, and traffic sign violations, such as failing to stop at STOP signs.

Traffic Safety

The Guardian Pro camera/LIDAR system was moved to Landings Way North at Wiley Bottom Road. From May 8 to May 14, the system recorded 33 violations, with the highest recorded speed being 47 MPH. Staff sent 30 courtesy notices to those individuals who are recorded exceeding the posted speed limit. As a reminder, fines for speeding will begin in July.











TLA Rules and Regulations Enforcement

  • A warning was issued to a commercial vendor for having no safety cones.
  • A $50 citation was issued to a vendor for not having a pass assigned to a commercial vehicle.
  • Warnings were issued to residents for placing yard debris on common property and for operating a golf cart in a cart-free zone.





















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