Community Marketing & Real Estate Update

By Raoul Rushin - 
President, TLCo

The Current Market, “Your Next Adventure” and the Club Car Championship!

Although the chart below is still positive, it doesn’t yet reflect the spring real estate season. With inventory levels and, therefore, months of available inventory increasing, demand is still currently exceeding supply. This is resulting in prices continuing to rise, although more slowly.

We tied 2023’s total Landings home closings with 52 again this year. In the $1m+ category, the community was just one closing shy, at 13 vs.14 last year.
















With 39 homes on the market on March 31, we had 2.3 months of inventory, which still is less than the four months that is considered balanced between buyers and sellers.






























And, although inventory has grown from last year, with 78 total home listings added to inventory in the first quarter, we still are well below the 127 of the last pre-COVID year of 2019.

All told, things are positive, and prices are still rising. However, residential real estate is never boring, and things will continue to change and evolve. We’ll be sharing the outlook along the way!

On March 27, the Company sponsored its second Your Next Adventure Seminar for those considering a move to independent or assisted living. After a brief real estate market update, we heard from Thrive, Savannah Square, and Park Springs, along with the community. We appreciate all those that attended and the many positive in-person comments and emails we received about the event. We plan to continue this on an annual basis.

I’d also like to mention how successful the Club Car Championship was this year. Not only was it a great tournament with first-time TV coverage, but we thank all who came to enjoy the tournament from our sponsored Eagles Nest Tent and the nearly 21,000 prospective buyers we emailed who responded in droves to our team. Being notified of the opportunity to experience the tournament and The Landings vicariously, drove the most response we’ve had to any such email of the last 10 years. We had many prospects tell us how much they enjoyed watching the coverage and couldn’t wait to get here on a Discovery Visit!

We also thank the Club for a wonderful job in food and beverage support and the tournament staff who made some skillful changes to better handle the crowd in the Eagles Next. The Golf Channel coverage tied into our national community marketing perfectly. We couldn’t have asked them for any better.












The Landings Company is 100% self-funded from the sales commission revenue we generate. We continue to nationally market The Landings, which benefits all of our property values, with your support when selling your home, referring friends and family, or renting your home. Thank you in advance for your support thus far in 2024!























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