On the Waterfront


Landings Harbor Marina

Normal Operating Hours: Monday - Sunday  8 a.m. to  5 p.m.









Boat Occupancy

We are actively working to fill the open slips that are available now that the Second Phase of the Dry Rack Project is complete. Boaters on the wait list have been contacted and we are gathering lease agreements and insurance and making arrangements for the new boats to be brought in. We anticipate it to be at 100% by May 1.

Concrete Replacement Project








Uniformed Concrete is working on repairing the concrete between our K, L, M and N, P, and R racks. We had to temporarily displace some boats for the work to be done, and only a couple wash racks will be available for a few days. We apologize for any inconvenience.  



Above Ground Fuel Tank









Guardian Fuel Technologies is currently designing a fuel dispenser mounting platform. This is the final pre-construction item before activating the new system. Fueling operations will remain active during the installation of the tank and new underground fuel lines. We expect there will be a couple of days when fuel will not be available at the Harbor during the final steps of the project. An advisory notice of this interruption will be sent to all boaters as soon as we have a scheduled time.


Landings Harbor Store















The navy windbreaker finally arrived along with two, new colors of our favorite lightweight slub hoody, and two, new hats!


The Landings Sailing Club

Learn To Sail Basic Sailing Course - Saturday, April 27

There will be a Basic Sailing Course led by a certified Society for the Education of American Sailors (SEAS) instructor in collaboration with sailors from The Landings Sailing Club (TLSC). The class is intended to teach the basics of sailing to those age 21 and over who have never been on a sailboat, as well as those with some experience. The two-day intensive course includes interactive classroom instruction plus an on-the-water session to practice boat and sail-handling skills. The water session will be held the following Tuesday or Wednesday based on the student and instructor availability, weather, and tides. The cost for the course is $100 per student, $25 of which will be refunded if you join TLSC within 30 days after joining as a full-time member. Every student must be a Landings resident. If you have questions, contact Angela Margolit directly (973-296-8011). To register, email Angela (amargolit@hotmail.com).

Landings Dry Storage Activity










Delegal Creek Marina (DCM)

Operating hours  9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Daily

The Delegal Creek Marina Dockmaster position has been filled by Kathrine Cram. She is starting during the first week of May and will be training in the marina systems and daily procedures. The Landings Harbor staff have been filling shifts during the recruiting process. Delegal Creek has been hosting transient vessel traffic as the Spring migration North continues. Late Monday afternoon the staff found water coming from the meter box that feeds the docks. Utilities Inc was contacted to investigate the source and determine the repairs. The water was restored at the end of the day on Tuesday.






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