Audubon Asks: Did You Know?

Courtesy Of Skidaway Audubon

Did you know  that close to one million trees were planted on the first Arbor Day back in April of 1872? The annual push to plant trees originated in the barren plains of Nebraska, and quickly spread to other states.

In April of 1907, President Roosevelt urged the nation’s youth to plant and protect trees, stating, prophetically, that “… the nation’s need of trees will become will want what nature once so bountifully supplied and man so thoughtless destroyed.”  In April of 1970, President Nixon designated the last Friday of April as National Arbor Day, noting widespread concern for environmental quality, and the belief that trees are “reminders of man’s inseparable link with nature.” This year, Arbor Day falls on April 26.

In 2021, Skidaway Audubon launched an initiative called Nature Notices that encourages homeowners to plant trees and other beneficial greenery to preserve essential habitat.The initiative recognizes that a resident may not care or notice if a tree is taken down, but nature notices when its home and food source is destroyed. If a tree is removed, replace it with a small understory tree, or shrubs, somewhere on your property. Using native trees, shrubs and pollinator plants, which are more drought-tolerant, reduces the use of chemical pesticides, reduces water bills, provides a more diverse habitat, and can increase property values, too.

With trees standing tall as part of the solution to global warming by absorbing green house gas emissions, planting more of them is a golden opportunity to think globally and act locally. It is a minimal action that yields multiple benefits, including cleaner, cooler air, a healthier, more diverse ecology, higher property values, lower water bills, and a more desirable community.

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Skidaway Audubon’s mission is to enhance and conserve Skidaway Island’s natural environment. In addition to implementing a wide variety of projects, it strives to promote environmental awareness through education and outreach. For more information about Skidaway Audubon activities, or to make a donation to help continue these programs, visit

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