The Bantu of Africa on Courtesy and Traveling

There is an ancient saying among the Bantu of Africa … 

“People get to know one another when traveling.” 

On the surface, this observation may seem all too obvious, but the true depth of this proverb will likely reveal itself to you on your upcoming Road Scholar learning adventure. It’s those moments when you are outside your comfort zone—in a new place, immersed in a new culture, out of your daily routine—when opportunities for authentic personal connection present themselves. And not only will you have many opportunities to truly get to know your fellow Road Scholar participants during your journey, but hopefully you’ll learn more about yourself as well.

Whether this is your first Road Scholar experience or your fiftieth, you are a valued member of the Road Scholar community, a group inspired by learning and adventure and that shares these essential virtues … 

  • Kindness 
    Kindness is the foundation upon which our community is built. It means we always care about each other and treat each other with respect and dignity.
  • Curiosity 
    Being curious about new ideas, places and peoples is what inspires us to learn and grow.
  • Openness 
    There is wisdom in our community and we all benefit from that wisdom by being open to and cultivating diverse viewpoints and perspectives.







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