Security Update 

By Tim Cook - 
Security Director

Vehicle Accident

On Sunday, April 7, Security, Chatham Emergency Services (CES), and Chatham County Police Department (CCPD) responded to the intersection of Diamond Causeway and Westcross Road for a vehicle accident. The driver of the first vehicle was making a left hand turn onto Westcross Road and did not yield to the second vehicle traveling on Diamond Causeway. The second vehicle struck the first vehicle causing it to roll completely over before stopping on its passenger side. Neither party was injured in the accident, nor did they require medical attention. However, both vehicles sustained significant damage and had to be towed from the scene. The driver of the first vehicle was cited for failure to yield and causing the accident.

Golf Cart Accident

Security responded to a report of a golf cart accident on Landings Way North just north of Tidewater Way on Sunday, April 7. Upon arrival, the Officer observed a golf cart off the community path, but no one was in the area. Contact was made with the cart owner who stated that an animal had run out in front of them, so they swerved to avoid hitting it. The owner of the cart advised that they were not injured and would retrieve the cart the following day.


Security and CES-Fire responded to a residence on Black Hawk Trail regarding a small fire outside the home on Wednesday, April 3. The resident advised that her grill began flaming and smoking heavily when she attempted to use it. CES stayed on scene to address the issue. No injuries or damage were reported.

Incident Updates

A resident was arrested in the case of two stolen firearms and has been released on bond.

The runaway juvenile who allegedly was involved in some entering auto cases the weekend of March 21 was detained and released to his parents pending further investigation. A juvenile complaint form was completed. When a child under the age of 17 commits a delinquent act (a crime, if committed by an adult) or an unruly act (runaway, truancy, curfew, etc.), a complaint is filed in the Juvenile Court. A police officer, a parent, or a private citizen can file a complaint, which is the equivalent of an adult arrest warrant. Unless a juvenile commits a crime of a serious nature or has accumulated enough points, they typically do not get arrested and transported to the Regional Youth Detention Center.

Traffic Safety

The Guardian Pro camera/LIDAR system remained on Landings Way North at Wiley Bottom Road. From April 3 to April 9, the system recorded 79 violations with the highest recorded speed being 58 MPH. 49 courtesy notices were sent for the week of March 20 to March 26, 52 notices were sent for the week of March 27 to April 2, and 32 notices were sent for the week of April 3 to April 9.















TLA Rules and Regulations Enforcement

  • A $49 citation was issued to a vendor for having an unsecured load.
  • A warning was issued to a Marshes resident for missing golf cart numbers on the passenger side of the cart.
  • Warnings were issued to residents for the following parking in a no parking zone, placing yard debris on common property, and early placement of bulk trash.
  • A $200 citation was issued to a resident for unauthorized parking on common property. A citation with a fine pending was issued for overnight parking on the street.


** Please note that a brief synopsis is provided for pertinent incidents that Security responds to during the week. All incidents are not covered in the weekly recap. Statistics for reports are provided below. **
















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