What Colors Can I Paint the Exterior of My Home? 

Wed, 04/10/2024

Landings Property owners can choose from pre-approved, like-for-like, or custom color schemes. In all instances, an Exterior Paint Application is required. As part of the application, you must submit a current photo of your home and/or areas to be painted, a photo of the neighboring homes to your left and right, and samples of the proposed paint colors. All colors are judged and approved on an individual basis, with special consideration given to the  characteristics of the home/site, including house design, overall aesthetic impact of the color palette, visibility, shade and shadowing, existing vegetation, roof color, and exterior colors of the adjacent homes. Submissions are reviewed by the Community Development Department to determine if they require ARC approval or can be reviewed by staff. Click here to view pre-approved paint colors. 

Why do I need to submit photos of the neighboring homes to paint my house?

Compatibility with the neighboring homes is one of the criteria for evaluating proposed colors. As such, photos of the neighboring homes are needed to ensure the overall aesthetic impact of the color palette is cohesive with the neighborhood. Homes should have a minimum of two colors (siding and trim), and color samples are required for review prior to approval.

The paint samples below show a home with a two-color scheme.


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