Reel Masters and Bluegills & Brews add Fishing Opportunities for Skidaway CCA Members

By Doug Painter -

Casual and fun-focused, Bluegills & Brews and Reel Masters are two Skidaway Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) fishing events scheduled on a monthly basis at various lagoons around the island, both freshwater and saltwater.

“It’s fun to get together with fellow fly anglers and see what’s biting, swap a few stories, and perhaps a few flies," notes Bluegills & Brews organizer Paulette Hamilton. "And whether the big one got away or not, a cold beer at the end of the day is a great way to toast our angling tradition.”

Instructor Doug Painter reminds everyone that Fly casting lessons are free at CCA's afternoon events. For those just starting off in fly fishing, CCA has Orvis rods-and-reels available for use.

Organizer Steve Bruske said Reel Masters is the spin casting equivalent of Bluegills & Brews.

“We put Reel Masters together for both new and experienced spin casting anglers as we look to target bass and bluegills, or saltwater species such as redfish, as they become active in the late afternoon and early evening," notes Bruske. "We use both bait and lures, and I always have a good supply of bait on hand. Like our fly angling friends, we also enjoy a beer or two at the end of the day.”

Rick Tallon notes that a key reason there is excellent fishing in Landings' lagoons is the volunteer work and contributions made from CCA members and supporters.

"Each year, we devote thousands of dollars to enhance our aquatic habitats and our fisheries, which serve not only anglers but a wide range of our island’s native wildlife," he said.

It’s easy to join CCA by visiting Once a member, you’ll receive email notices on Bluegills & Brews and Reel Masters events, information on other CCA events and clinics, as well as how you can join our various fundraising, fishing, and youth programs as a valued volunteer.




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