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Electrofishing in 30 Lagoons

The Environmental team partnered with Coastal Conservation Association Skidaway Chapter (CCA) and Georgia Plantation Services this week to conduct a species survey of 30 freshwater lagoons located throughout the community. This process involved introducing a mild electric shock to the water to momentarily stun any fish in the area. They then were netted and placed in a live well until the entire pond was covered. These fish were measured, weighed, and the species was noted. This is a very important tool that allows us to gain a better understanding of both the number of fish in the lagoon and their overall health based on the length to weight ratio.  All data collection will be used to determine what lagoons require additional fish stocking, water treatment, or other management options. We enjoyed a volunteer crowd of 20-30, where a good time was had by all!















2024 Road Repair and Maintenance Project - Main Gate

In-house staff, in conjunction with our contractors, are continuing to work around the Main Gate. Prior to the Main Gate closure (scheduled to begin on Monday, April 1), staff widening the lanes around the Main Gate to allow for two lane traffic on Landings Way South and Landings Way North. This will help reduce confusion within the community during the project, reduce heavy truck traffic driving through Tidewater Square, and help address any concerns/delays regarding upcoming community-wide events. Staff will send out a communication plan with detours and a map to help this closure to have as minimal of an impact on the community as possible.

New TLA Mailboxes Installed at TLA Administration Building

In-house staff replaced the wooden mailboxes in front of The Landings Association Administration Building this week with three new, modern, metal mail/package drop boxes -- one for TLA, TLC and Utilities, Inc. The new drop boxes now have combination locks that can be programed by each entity.



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