Courtesy Is All Around! Look For It!

Mon, 02/26/2024

By Maryce Cunningham
TLA Communications Subcommittee on Courtesy

Did you see that? She just picked up the keys he dropped on the floor. Over there, he waved and smiled at the couple he passed on the cart path. And that teenager carried a heavy golf bag from the car to the golf course. Yes, courtesy is all around us in The Landings. We just have to notice it.

Our days are filled with work, school, church, sports, committee meetings, volunteering, social events, travel, and more. Are we really too busy to notice that our neighbors are also busy or maybe in need of some kindness? We think we’re good people -- and we are. We just need to notice others and how good they are too. And, most of all, we need to acknowledge the courtesy of others.

The Landings Association’s Communications Subcommittee on Courtesy, made up of Stephanie Giorgio, Pat Breslin, Anita Clos, Maryce Cunningham, and Vicki Marino, has taken on the assignment of making our community’s courtesy more evident.  We need your help.  If you see a courteous act being performed in our home community, please send a brief description of your experience, a photo, or a short video to for consideration of posting on our social media sites for all to enjoy. Submissions must be received by March 25 for a chance to win four tickets to the sold-out Savannah Bananas Game on April 5. Sharing our thoughtfulness with others helps affirm that “Courtesy Is All Around! Look for It!”

Throughout 2024 -- See It and Share It!

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