On the Security Scene

Courtesy of Landings Security

Suspicious Incident

On Monday, February 19, a Patrol Officer responded to the Main Gate for a report of a suspicious individual. The Access Control Officer explained that the individual had asked to use the restroom but then began rambling about using the trails to exercise and would not leave. Throughout the day, Officers again discovered the person on TLA property in the area of McWhorter Drive. Chatham County Police Department (CCPD) eventually was called and ensured the person left TLA property. Despite CCPD’s intervention and warning regarding trespassing on private property, Patrol Officers came into contact with the suspicious person again, and CCPD was dispatched.

Road Rage Incident

A verbal altercation arose in the guest lane at the Main Gate on Sunday, February 18, between a resident and two guests regarding an alleged incident that occurred on Diamond Causeway. The guests advised that the vehicle driven by the resident was swerving heavily, so they deemed it necessary to pass the vehicle to avoid being involved in a wreck. At some point, the resident passed the two guest vehicles and arrived in the guest lane ahead of them. The resident stated the individuals passed her on a double yellow line. She approached the vehicles and began verbally berating the drivers before getting back in her vehicle and leaving. The two guests apologized for the incident and stated they had lost a family member recently due to a DUI-related accident. They presumed the other driver was under the influence, which is why they passed her. Although CCPD responded, they deemed the incident was a closed case and did not need to speak with the involved parties.

Unlicensed Golf Cart Operation

On Saturday, February 17, Security responded to Westcross Road for a report of what appeared to be an unlicensed golf cart driver. An Officer located the cart in question and made contact with the driver, who stated she was 12 years old. The Officer explained the rules to the young lady and advised that he could not allow her to drive the cart home. A nearby resident who knew the young lady offered to allow her to park the cart in her driveway and drive her home. The Officer followed them to the girl’s home and contact was made with the girl’s father who also was advised of the rules regarding golf cart operation. No previous violations of a similar nature were discovered, and a warning was issued for the rule violation.

Traffic Safety

The Guardian Pro Traffic Camera remained on Shellwind Drive just north of Moonbill Lane. From February 14 to February 20, the system recorded 218 violations with the highest record speed being 56 MPH. Residents, guest, vendors, and employees are reminded to operate vehicles in a safe and responsible manner while remaining in compliance with traffic laws and community speed limits which are 30 MPH unless otherwise posted.  To date, staff have sent out 1,046 courtesy notices for vehicles identified as traveling more than the posted speed limit. This week’s Wednesday Wisdom was about our education campaign to remind residents, guests, vendors, and employees to slow down to enhance the safety in our community. As a reminder, speeding is a violation of a TLA rule, and fines may occur.












TLA Rules and Regulations Enforcement

  • Warnings were issued to vendors for no logos on RFID-equipped vehicles and no safety cones.
  • A $49 fine was issued to a resident for placing yard debris on common property.
  • A $249 fine was issued to a resident for repeated offenses of operating a golf cart without a driver’s license.
  • Warnings were issued for placing yard debris on common property, early placement of bulk trash, overnight parking on the street, unauthorized parking, having a boat or trailer in the driveway overnight, and having a sign not facing the street.
  • A warning also was issued for operating a golf cart without a driver’s license.

** Please note that a brief synopsis is provided for pertinent incidents that Security responds to during the week. All incidents are not covered in the weekly recap. Statistics for reports are provided below. **














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